About me

In 2002 I got dial-up. As soon as I was online I started poking around websites. Right-clicking everything and mailing webmasters to learn how they built their website—nobody replied tough. But I found Flash and got extremely excited about it. At 15 I made websites for local companies in exchange for t-shirts and sneakers.

In 2008 I got my first job in marketing and decided to drop out of Law school—a substantial decision, I’m still 78% sure I’ve done the right thing.

Since then I’ve been part of a great studio that influenced my thinking around design, led a 25-person team in a high-growth e-commerce company where I learned how to scale and manage significant amounts of marketing budget, and finally, a B2B software company where I had to get accustomed to long sales cycles and the importance of messaging and positioning. I found my place in this industry.


I also help out friends move furniture from time to time.