Desktop targeting on Linkedin — sort of

I’ve been spending a lot of time and money on Linkedin. B2B buyers aren’t solely here but it’s the only platform with significant reach where you can target based on job role and company.

Conversion rates in SaaS are two times higher on desktop but there are no targeting options for devices when you create a Linkedin Ads campaign.

I started using a workaround with the Text Ads format in Linkedin.

  1. Create a campaign targeting your ICP, ideal customer profile, with video ads—even if it’s just an image, convert it to video.
  2. Build an audience based on the campaign’s 75-100% view rate.
  3. Create a Text Ad with a strong CTA for signing up or viewing the demo—text ads only show on desktop.
  4. Target the newly created Text Ad to the audience built in step 2.

“Text Ads” are one of Linkedin’s legacy formats, and they show exclusively on desktops. But they have severe limitations in terms of creative.

Another way to reach buyers on a desktop is through data providers like Metadata, Clearbit, or Primer. They’d help you create B2B audiences which you can use on advertising platforms like Meta and Google—which include device targeting.