Hi! I’m a product marketer, toolmaker, and tinkerer. I’ve worked in marketing for the past 15 years in both e-commerce and SaaS. Still figuring stuff out.


  • How does “PMM Search” work?

    PMM Search is a tiny search engine focused on product marketing. It only indexes blogs, newsletters, and social posts from growth and marketing operators in B2B. Because of that, questions like “What should a homepage contain?” or “What is an SQL?” will get proper answers related to marketing and sales Read more

  • Desktop targeting on Linkedin — sort of

    Desktop conversion rates in SaaS are twice as high as mobile conversion ones, but unfortunately, LinkedIn Ads campaigns do not offer any device targeting options. Found a partial solution. Read more

  • Why do prompts from Oblique Strategies work?

    “Oblique Strategies” consists of a deck of cards with prompts meant to stimulate non-linear thinking. Read more


March 2023 (beta testing)

Search within the best articles, newsletters and blogs on product marketing.

March 2023

Use your notes from your journal and ChatGPT to chat with your digital self. Open source code.

April 2019

A personal deck of prompts based on Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. I use them to get unstuck during creative projects. Copy the repo to add your own prompts. Trust me, they work!

Work Highlights

July 2022

Part user research, part positioning, “Switch to SEOmonitor” is a campaign highlighting key differentiators in a crowded market.

November 2018

Applying Christensen’s framework to product marketing with a case study on a launch.

April 2015

Launch campaign for the digital books product category using the most organic distribution channel: actual trees.